I’m blahah

I’m Richard Smith-Unna – a biologist, hacker, and PhD student in Plant Sciences in the Hibberd Lab at the University of Cambridge. I’m a Mozilla Fellow for Science for 2015-16.

Online I go by blahah or blahah404 depending on availability. Yeah, that’s an HTTP status code reference.

My PhD is about deciphering the genetic basis of a particularly efficient kind of photosynthesis, so we can work out how to make crops more productive for the poorest people in the world.

Day to day, that means analysing next-generation sequencing data and writing bioinformatics software to make those analyses more effective.

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By night I work on opening and liberating science – knowledge should be free in every way, and there are concrete things we can do now to help make it that way.

In the rare moments when I’m not at a computer screen or lab bench, I hang out with my awesome girlfriend fiancĂ© and our growing collection of kittens.

Find me on Github, ResearchGate, StackExchange, Twitter or Google+.


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